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About Us

Flying Colours Learning Centre is based on the foundation that all children learn differently. Different learning styles means a variety of different teaching styles are provided to learners within a session in order for them to gain success. Learning to their own style means children become motivated to learn and as a result, build much needed confidence in order to become life long learners.

Janina, at Flying Colours Learning Centre, specialises in Multi Sensory Learning. She is currently completing the MSL training course; the only reading, writing and spelling program endorsed by Dyslexia Australia. All learning sessions have a strong Multi Sensory approach in both Maths and English.

Flying Colours Learning Centre, in their commitment to helping every student reach their full potential, keeps their group sizes low. The teaching program is specifically designed for small group instruction, resulting in adequate one on one time for every student. Small group instruction means we can keep our prices low for you. Quality specialist teaching at a very affordable price.

Flying Colours Learning Centre is a family friendly business. It is centrally located within the Wallsend area and is quick and easy to access from all areas of Newcastle. 


  • Personalised learning programs from an MSL trained therapist
  • Reasonable rates for individual and group sessions
  • Friendly, specialised teaching from a 4 year trained teacher with 20 years teaching experience
  • Personalised learning programs for students from Kindergarten to Year 10 in English, Maths and Computers and specialised MSL program
  • Specialist learning sessions in infants and special needs tutoring
  • Help with study and organisational skills
  • Homework and assignment help in all subject areas
  • Intensive holiday reading, writing and maths programs
  • Naplan, selective school and Year 7 preparation sessions

 At Flying Colours Learning Centre the person who owns the business conducts all the teaching which means quality educationis always the number one priority.

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"Just letting you know that I was helping Austin with some maths homework this arvo and it's evident how much he's improved. I'd never noticed before because he doesn't get much homework. I didn't get frustrated with him because if he didn't understand something, after explaining it once or twice, it clicked for him and he could do the problem. You've done a fantastic job with him. Thank you"

--Belinda, Waratah --

"My daughter was not too fond of Maths in primary school so I wanted to prepare her for high school. Janina at Flying Colours Tutoring was the first and only person that I went to for tutoring. My daughter's maths improved. It started to just click and she got it. I can't thank Janina enough. She has bought out Abbey's confidence and was placed into the top math class at her high school. I recommend Flying Colours Tutoring to everyone"

-- Meg, Charlestown --

"Just to let you know Olivia is loving her group sessions with you.........I can see changes in her already I'm so pleased with her efforts and thank you for helping her make those improvements. Thanks"

-- Kath, Fletcher--

 "Fantastic strategies for personalised learning...Unlocking your child's potential. Friendly, patient and committed to supporting your child's needs." -- Annette, Lambton

" Thank you so much for all of the hard work you did for me to help me get better at maths. I always have a great time with you here and it definitely looks like I am improving, thanks, from Liv!"  ---